My service company sent me for six months mission in Toulouse, on behalf of Airbus. I did not want to live at the hotel and, by tapping on the Internet, I discovered the concept of toulouse-colocation.com. I opted for an apartment and after some email exchanges with the two other occupants, I decided to take the leap. The logistics has been considerably simplified. I just had to unpack my bags and focus on my professional activities and outside work.

Flatsharing is also a real human experience that means more than simply sharing household chores and bills. If my work brings me back to Toulouse, I will call again toulouse-colocation.com!

Laurent, 34 years old, computer engineer


Spanish students, I obtained a research grant for one year at the Paul Sabatier University. My budget does not allow me to take a single housing and at the same time I needed to be in a quiet environment to concentrate on my thesis. I chose to use toulouse-colocation.com because they proposed to select the future roommates based on age and occupation. The team of toulouse-colocation.com also explained me how to obtain an housing assistance, a system which represents a significant financial contribution and that does not exist in Spain. I am delighted with the experience.

Maria, 28 years old, PhD Student

colocataire-toulouse-3I came to Toulouse to do an internship at Pierre Fabre. I have always lived in flatsharing during my studies. I appreciate this system especially regarding the cost and the conviviality but I also had some bad experiences: unable to leave an apartment because I was engaged in a lease of 3 years with my roommates, wild subletting “wild” where I could be asked to leave at any time without notice and does not allow me to touch the APL and so on.

The concept proposed by toulouse-colocation.com immediately attracted me because it allows to have an individual lease and to avoid some traps.

Cédric, 32 years old, trainee


I am doing a Master and I decide to live in flatsharing to be able to share friendly moments. More toulouse-colocation.com has set up a very interesting concept, everything is provided: furnished, internet, TV!

Above all, each tenant has his own lease which is not negligible knowing the difficulties that lease solidarity can lead to…

Anne-aymone, 24 years old, student

Spanish from the Basque country, I came to Toulouse to pursue my studies. toulouse-colocation.com allowed me to easily find a home where I only had to deposit my luggage. The main advantage of living with roommates is the possibility to share the good times of your life in Toulouse and to meet people not necessarily in connection with your studies. It was my first flatshare and I recommend the experience. In addition the facility to have a furnished apartment with all the charges included is an asset to really take into account.

Pedro, 23 years old, student