The rent of your room is fixed:

  • The leases are leases for the room
  • The lease rental period is fixed and does not depend in any way on possible departures of your flatmates
  • This allows you to manage your budget and avoid any unpleasant surprises

The price is all inclusive:

The monthly rental of the room EXCLUDING CHARGES includes:

  • The rent of your room
  • Equipment and furnishings of the apartment

The monthly expenses for the rental of the room include :Columns of coins against white background

  • Provision of Water Consumption
  • Provision of Electrical Consumption
  • Provision of Gas Consumption
  • Insurance of the apartment and goods. This insurance covers your liability.
  • Communal Services
  • Maintenance of the boiler
  • Garbage tax
  • Unlimited internet up to 20 mega and wifi
  • Digital television with more than 100 channels supports administrative procedures, counter changes, bills…