It is a fixed term contract that is renewable, to rent a furnished room in an apartment. The lease is for a period of one year and can be terminated at any time with a two months notice.

Your commitment period starts and stops with your own personal lease.

The individualized lease removes any terms of joint liability between roommates. You are therefore independent of your roommates legally and financially.

Your guarantors are sureties for you and you alone. Ainsi, ils n’auront pas à assumer financièrement les impayés et l’absence de colocataires, ni même les dégradations que ceux-ci pourraient provoquer dans leur chambre.

Each roommate is not liable for any financial delinquencies, the vacancy of the apartment or any other impairments that other roommates might cause.

Yes. Most of the student tenants can receive an assistance paid by the CAF (Family Allowance) which is intended to partially cover their rent.

To obtain these aids, you must:

  • Be holder of a lease
  • Occupy the home as principal residence (you’ll have an individual rent receipt at your name) and your income must not exceed a certain amount.


The apartments are fully furnished and equipped:

  • Living room: sofa, TV table, coffee table, TV.
  • Dining room: table, chair.
  • Kitchen: Dishes, bowl, forks, knives, spoons, cups, utensils, can opener, bottle opener… Everything you need to cook properly!
  • Appliances: coffee machine, washing machine, cooker, oven, refrigerator, microwave, iron and ironing board.


Each bedroom contains a 140 spring-bed, a 140*190 mattress, a storage cupboard for your belongings, a bedside table, a chair and a lamp.

You just have to unpack your bags.

The monthly rental of the room EXCLUDING CHARGES includes:

  • The rent of your room
  • The equipment and the furniture of the apartment

The monthly expenses for the rental of the room include:

  • Provision of Water Consumption
  • Provision of Electrical Consumption
  • Provision of Gas Consumption
  • Insurance of the apartment and goods. This insurance covers your liability
  • Communal Services
  • Maintenance of the boiler
  • Garbage tax
  • Unlimited internet up to 20 mega and wifi
  • Digital television with more than 120 channels. See the detail.

The rent is all inclusive and you do not have any unpleasant surprises at the end of the month.


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These specific contracts guarantee you legal and financial independence. Following the departure of a roommate, nothing changes; your rent will not increase.

toulouse-colocation.com has the responsibility to search a new roommate and introduce him or her to you.

Only the responsibility of the roommate who defaces or alters the apartment is engaged. It is his or her responsibility to repair or change. You are not responsible for damage caused by other flatmates.

A chrome-plated AT symbol isolated on a white background (3D rendering)All the apartments have an unlimited internet connection up to 20 MB and wifi you can use throughout the entire apartment and rooms.

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A line is available, but the telephone charges are of course not included in the accrued charges of the rent of your room.

However, a lot of calling destinations are free. Click here to see the free destinations.

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Each lease requires the payment of an entrance fee of 49 Euros which covers the cost of preparing the lease, the entry and exit inventories but also the reception and the keys delivery at your arrival.

It corresponds to one month’s rent (excluding charges). This amount will give you back when you leave the room.

No, since it is already included in the charges of your rent. The insurance contract covers the apartment, the furniture and the personal property of the tenants up to 2000 Euros per roommate. Personal Valuables are not covered.


Of course. Before booking an apartment and with their agreement, toulouse-colocation.com offers to put you in touch with your future roommates. You can visit the apartment, meet your future roommates, or if you are not already in Toulouse, contact them by phone or Internet.

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In the contact form, you must specify if you are a smoker or a non smoker. Depending on your response, we will direct you to the apartment and roommates which suit your wishes. Then you will define the everyday house rules with the other occupants.

The tenants must ensure the cleanliness of the common areas of the apartment and of their room.

Each flatshare is free to implement its own rules of living together in respect of all.

For hygiene reasons, we ask you to use a mattress cover on your mattress staff.

Pets are not allowed.

The flatmates must respect the internal regulations of the condominium.

Yes. The deposit is one rent month without charge. This deposit is cashed. The deposit is given back after the check out of the room in 2 months.