How does it work

colocation-chatAs the expense of living continues to rise, FLATSHARING is becoming more and more popular and necessary. In cities such as Paris and many regional cities it has become a way of life.

Flatsharing is no longer just for students but any young professional that is looking for a social environment to live and enjoy the piece of mind of having their own tenancy agreement.

Flatsharing makes both financial and social sense. Each tenant has their own room and personal environment but with access to the common areas of the living room, kitchen, dining room etc.

But as attractive as it is in terms of usability and cost, flatsharing is sometimes a difficult process to the lessor:

Your rent increases when a tenant leaves the flat

During these departures, the notice is not always respected

The guarantors are responsible for the whole flat

To live in an owner’s place (or with the owner of the lease) is not always easy and often you do not have the last word!

Being aware of these constraints, proposes a concept that will fully meets your needs.

All the apartments are occupied exclusively by roommates, so you can feel totally at home!