How to book ?

If you are looking for a flatshare, you are about to find it !

  1. Check the flatshare offers available.
  2. Complete the reservation form of the required housing attached to each room available by visiting the section: Flatshare offers or contact directly our team at +33 981.973.626
  3. A member of will contact you to confirm you the availability of the selected accommodation(s).
  4. Before booking an apartment and with their agreement, offers to put you in touch with your future roommates. You can visit the apartment, meet your future roommates, or if you are not already in Toulouse, contact them by phone or Internet.
  5. The looking of the accommodation will be effective only after the payment of the administrative fees, the payment of the deposit and of the first month’s rent in proportion to time, but also the acceptance of the application. Click here to see the booking conditions.